enzi safaris


Enzi Safaris Ltd was established in 2005 by two great Tanzanian Adventurous. As they were crisscrossing the great country of Tanzania they explored, learned, and had fun at the same time, this is what drove them to start a tour company to share with the world their experience, fun and memories.

‘Enzi’ is a Swahili word which means ”Once Upon a Time” and the main objective of its establishment is to bring the past adventurous experience to life through holiday packages.

Enzi Safaris is a company established on the premise that travel, be it for business or pleasure should be fun, adventurous and memorable. At the same time through travel, we are able to experience a whole world of different perspectives, cultures, Traditions, belief systems, languages, foods and architectural designs of villages (like Maasai Villages). This is what we aim to deliver for you; a travel experience of a lifetime every time you travel with us, be it for leisure, honeymoon, family holiday or business travel. We want you to be inspired and increase your perspectives and view of the different places you choose to go with us. We are located in Arusha Tanzania.

We have our fleets and well-trained guides who will lead you to your unforgettable experience full of memories. We also have a good relationship with our suppliers which makes us the best and leading tour company in Tanzania who provides, Safari Holidays, Family vacations, beach holidays, weddings and Mountain Climbing ( Kilimanjaro and Meru Climbing) for small and large groups.


To provide world class superior services to our incoming customers through fast track personalized service and periodic Customer care trainings.


To be the leading premier travel and tourism related Services Company of choice in Tanzania, with great personalized travel products.